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Personalized Caution Tape

Custom printed caution tape is usually used in construction location, hazardous location, crime scenes etc for segregation of traffic accident or emergency. It's also used for blocking in power force checking and overhaul, road administration, environment protection project or other special zones.

Product Description

Custom Caution Tape

Terffy custom caution tape and barricade tapes are an effective way to restrict access to dangerous or restricted areas. The highly visible message is ideal for crime scenes, fire scenes, construction sites, industrial sites, road construction zones, sports stadiums and any area where crowd control is required. Choose from a large inventory of stamps such as "Do not cross police lines", "Beware of construction areas" and "Special permission required to enter".

Terffy personalized warning, caution and hazard tape can also be customised with your company name, logo and phone number, or customised with a message in any language. Minimum order quantities are available for custom printed caution tape, plus plate charges where applicable.

Whether you need crowd control and management indoors or outdoors, we have a wide range of material grades to choose from, perfect for your specific application. Product options such as dispenser boxes or rolls with handles are available so your organisation can easily transport, install and store Terffy barricade tape.

Custom caution tape, also known as warning tape, allows you to quickly demarcate areas without introducing large, heavy fences or metal barricades that take a lot of time to set up and take down. Custom printed caution tape is also brightly coloured so it is easy to see, reducing the risk of someone accidentally bypassing it. Add an extra precaution to your site with bright, reasonably priced barricade tapes detailing the hazard or cause of the obstruction. You can even pair them with posters or other printed products detailing the site's specific hazards.

With the help of our team who have over 20 years experience in the printing business, you will be able to get a high quality, durable and reliable product that will not only send an alert or warning message, but also help anyone who needs to know more about what's happening on site. It's also a good idea to add social media profiles, company logos and other contact information when starting a new project.

This versatile asset, which can be easily tied to any surface, can also be used to cordon off restricted areas or areas restricted to employees. The mere sight of brightly coloured security tape is enough to let people know they can't get through, but having extra details about who you are and what's going on can go a long way to alleviating worry and curiosity - and enticing new potential clients to see what professional work is being done in that area.

Product Type: Custom Caution Tape

Material: soft PE film

Width: 9-1250mm or customized

Length: 8-50m or customized

Tensile strength: 25(N/In)

Color: Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange


Custom Caution Tape Options

Terffy custom caution tapes are available in four (4) material grades.
Economy: the cheapest solution for short-term use
Standard: medium-sized tape for longer use and longer distances
Six-ply: heavy-duty, high-strength, long-distance, highly puncture-resistant tape, stapled to wooden stakes, etc.


We offer high quality at a low price! Contact us today for a free quote.


Fully Customized Print Legend‍

Our custom printed caution tapes are digitally printed to order and do not require a setup or plate fee.

Print customization options include:
Full color logo
Use of any warning symbols
Optional use of white ink to increase readability
Any size/font text
Custom warning message including company name, contents, and contact information

Custom Caution Tape Rules

Color Meaning Application
Red / White Danger Fire preventions & protection equipment
Yellow / Black Caution Marking boundaries & physical hazards
Orange / White Warning Traffic & caution warning
Green / White Safety Location of first aid equipment & safety equipment
Blue / White Information Defective machinery
Black / White Caution Traffic, housekeeping, aisle & stairway markings/boundaries
Magenta / Yellow Radiation Hazards X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, & proton radiation


Construction areas
Crowd control barricades
Fire and EMS barricades
Industrial barricades
Police sites
Racecourse boundaries

If you have a logo or design file, we recommend using the following file formats for best quality: eps, ai, pdf vector files or raster files at 300dpi or above. You can use our design templates to help you determine the size and printable area for 3" and 6" sizes. Or contact our team to solve your problem.

Personalized Caution Tape

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