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Marking Flag

Custom Marking Flags

From utility construction to line positioning, hardware to forestry, landscaping to pet shelter - these signs ensure consistent communication and lasting visibility for your project.

Buy a custom printed marker sign with your company name, logo or other information! We sell custom marker signs in three sizes. Our simple step-by-step process begins when you choose the flag size that works best for you. Custom printed marker signs are ideal for the utility industry, lawn services, job sites and many other applications. We offer all standard practical marker colors, as well as a variety of ink colors to choose from. A custom marker logo is an easy and inexpensive way to make your business name visible. We can also print dozens of standard information such as electricity, gas, sewer, survey, telephone, TV/CATV, water, etc.

Banner Size Options:

Flag material: Vinyl

Diameter of steel wire: 1.55mm

Thickness of flag: 5mil

Flag size:

Flag 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", Height 15"

Flag 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", Height 21"

Flag 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" , Height 30"

Flag 4" x 5", Height 21"

Flag 4" x 5", Height 36"

Flag 4" x5", Height 30"

Size/Color/printing could be customized.

Custom flag

Because Terffy is the premier manufacturer of marker signs, anything you see can be customized to suit your needs. Call today to discuss custom options.

When communication matters, Terffy delivers! Ideal for above ground markings across a variety of industries, our range of high quality professional marking signs is manufactured in a variety of sizes and long lasting colors to ensure consistent communication and continuous visibility across utility construction, line positioning, hardware projects, forestry, landscaping , lawn care, pet shelter, etc.

You can choose from wire, plastic or fiberglass rulers in different sizes, and each Terffy marker emblem features:

long lasting material color
Bright ink for high visibility
High performance wind tear resistance down to -40F
Flags stuck to employees - no packages
Rear flag folds to create larger print area
Private label, UPC coding and other custom packaging requirements available
Terffy is available in many marker logo options - solid color, custom printed, high profile, day/night and/or biodegradable. Terffy even offers a time-saving marker marker insertion tool to ensure stable placement with less stress and hassle.

For custom flags, contact us today

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