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Bird Scare Tape

KEEP BIRDS AWAY - Bird Repeller scares common birds, woodpeckers, seagulls, crows, pigeons, sparrows and more.

Product Description

Bird Scare Tape 

KEEP BIRDS AWAY - Bird Repeller scares common birds, woodpeckers, seagulls, crows, pigeons, sparrows and more.

EFFECTIVE VISUAL NOISE DETERRENT - Bright light and noise from scare tape twisting in wind scares birds.


Keep the birds off your property: meet the farmers' and gardeners' secret weapon against the birds. Extra thick, long lasting tear and weather resistant, reflective holographic tape is like having your own personal army of scarecrows to protect your property. This proven and effective repellent can be used in conjunction with bird spikes, nets, owl decoys and other bird-scaring devices to provide even greater protection.
Save time and money on cleaning and repairs: Birds cause millions of dollars of damage to homes, roofs, cars, air conditioning systems and more every year. This inexpensive fix will reduce the amount of corrosive bird droppings on your property and eliminate the fire hazards caused by bird nest prevention. Save on maintenance costs and expensive pest control companies
Easy to use, do-it-yourself bird control solution: simply cut strips of flashing tape and tie to tree branches or above the property you want to protect, such as railings, roofs and decks, to deter birds. The bright diamond pattern of the tape reflects sunlight for the brightest reflection and makes noise as it moves in the wind for maximum insect repellent effect
Protect wildlife and your property: our non-toxic rainbow coloured tape is chemical free and completely harmless to birds. There is no need to use harmful gels or fruit sprays that leave a mess or residue. Protect your family, wildlife and property with this safe and environmentally friendly product.

A must have in your bird control arsenal

Approved by agricultural agencies and used by farmers and commercial growers across the United States, reflective tape has proven to be very effective in keeping birds away from crops, fruit trees, grapevines and any other areas where birds are roosting very troublesome.
As the tape flashes and moves in the wind, the light and sound produced can scare away and disorient birds to stop them from landing. The birds will quickly leave the area and stay away for as long as it is there.
Homeowners can now benefit from its superb insect repellent powers. The tape repels the most common poultry, including pigeons, woodpeckers, grackles, blackbirds, gulls, ducks, herons, crows, dodos and more.
Each roll of double-sided tape is 125 feet and 2 inches wide. Although often referred to as duct tape, the surface is not sticky and needs to be tied tightly in place.

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Usedfor: Balconies, fences, pools, lawns, flower beds, gardens,vegetable plots, etc.

Material: PET

Color: transparent, black, dark brown, white, green, gray, brick red

Size: 2.4cm*50m, 2.4cm*80m, 2.4cm*90m, 4.8xm*50m, 4.8cm*80m 


Bird Scare Tape

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