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Does Bird Scare Tape Work?

Jul. 27, 2022

There are a few ways to deter birds from around your property. One of the cheapest is bird scare tape. It's effortless to use and can look quite festive at the right time of year. In the hands of the creative, you can use bird scare tape to brighten and decorate areas of the yard. So does bird scare tape work?

The short answer is yes, bird scare tape works with most species of birds. The bright light that reflects off the tape combined with the tape's movement annoys and frightens birds away.

Scare tape comes in different colors and patterns and often mimics the scales of a snake. Use scare tape on branches and in other strategic locations to deter birds from specific parts of the garden.


Why Does Bird Scare Tape Work?


Bird Scare Tape


As mentioned, some bird scare tape impersonates the look of snake scales and has similar colors and patterns. In addition to imitation, other types of scare tape utilize reflection to their advantage. This is the main answer to does bird scare tape work.

The theory behind reflective tape is that there are constant moving reflections. The birds' amazing eyesight catches glimpses of movement in the tape. These partial glimpses of themselves or other members of the flock are just enough to unsettle the birds.

When birds are eating or resting, they prefer peaceful locations. With the movement constantly catching their eye, it inhibits the birds' ability to relax.   


Bird Scare Tape on Windows


It is estimated that over a quarter of a million birds die every year in Europe alone from flying into windows. The number globally could well be in the millions.

You can use bird scare tape to dissuade birds from flying into windows too. Stapling tape loosely around the window frame should deter birds from flying into a window. If the birds still seem intent on kamikaze flights, a few strips in front of the pane should do the trick.

Try fixing the strands of scare tape spaced just a few inches apart. Stretch the tape loosely from the top to the bottom of the window frame. This ‘barred' effect should present a visible barrier to the birds and prevent collisions.


Bird Scare Tapes


Note: Suppose it is primarily birds of similar size to blue jays that are drawn to your windows. Space the strands four inches apart. Spacing for smaller birds like sparrows or cardinals should be 3 inches.   




There are many ways that you can put bird scare tape to use. Whether to deter birds from the tree above your drive, so they stop pooping on your family's vehicles. Or to stop them from making an unsightly mess all over your chimney, bird tape can help.

Whether you want to deter birds from your yard entirely or just stop them from crashing into your windows. We hope you enjoyed this article on does bird scare tape work.

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