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Polka Dot Tape

Polka dot flagging tape is printed with dots are made from brightly colored non-adhesive vinyl tape.

Product Description

Polka Dot Flagging Tape

Terffy polka dot flagging tapee is a non-adhesive, non-embossed tape used for surveying, path marking and other industrial applications such as construction, forestry, hardware, oil exploration, nurseries, mining and geophysics.Terffy polka dot flagging tape is highly visible, has maximum uniqueness and is the most durable and longest lasting outdoor marking tape on the market. Easy to identify, easy to use and fun! Simply tie and untie.

Terffy polka dot flagging tape is an extruded PVC film, manufactured in China. Since Terffy controls the marking tape manufacturing process, they are able to custom formulate the PVC film with added plasticizer packages to produce maximum physical properties including tensile strength, cold cracking and UV stability.

Clearly marking an area, this tape is perfect for professionals in surveying, construction, forestry, hardware, oil exploration, nursery, mining, farming, irrigation, agricultural and more.

Available with any color, width and length according to customer's requirements.

The regular size:  1 3/16’’x150’,  1 3/16’’x300’,  1’’x200’, 1’’x600’

The regular thickness: 2mil, 4mil, 5mil, 5.2mil

The colors type: standard, fluorescent

Product Features

Temperature resistance -20°F
Standard colors 2.0 mil thickness
Neon colors are 2.5 million thick
Easy to use and identify

12 Standard Color Polka Dot Patterns Available

Blue with Black Polka Dots
Green with Black Polka Dots
Orange with Black Polka Dots
Red with Black Polka Dots
White with Black Polka Dots
Yellow with Black Polka Dots
White with Blue Polka Dots
White with Green Polka Dots
White with Orange Polka Dots
White with Red Polka Dots
White with Yellow Polka Dots
Yellow with Red Polka Dots

Polka Dot Tape colors

If you are interested in our Polka Dot Flagging Tapes, please contact us.

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