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Luminous Tape

Luminous time: 2-4H, 4-6H, 6-8H, 8-10H, 10-12H
Size: 1.24m*45.7m (customized)
Durability: 20 years indoor, 7 years outdoor
Surface film: PVC/PET/PC/PMMA
Characteristics: Absorbs light and glows in the dark
Application: Emergency exit signs, fire fighting facilities and other guide signs
Features: Non-toxic, non-radioactive, high initial brightness, long duration
Samples: Free samples are available

Product Description

Luminous Tape  Description

Luminous tape is a special type of tape that actually glows in the dark. Luminous tape can continue to glow for hours after the lights are turned off, thus improving workplace safety. This type of photoluminescent tape is often used to help improve the safety of warehouses, manufacturing facilities and even emergency equipment. One of the most popular applications for glow-in-the-dark tape is to provide liners for emergency evacuation routes. In an emergency, everyone can walk to safety.

Luminous tape that lasts a long time - up to 2-10 hours before recharging is required.
Sturdy, reliable tape - gets the job done - fluorescent neon green, easy to find at night or in the dark
Non-glare, good adhesion - use for illuminating security lighting, or marking exit and exit signs and stairs. Luminous markers can be used on stage floors to identify locations and other items - our tape can be used indoors and outdoors in any weather WEALLIGHT luminous tape has been used in thousands of venues, famous stages and a variety of fun outdoor events.
For arts and crafts - This tape is perfect for arts and crafts activities with children, such as as floor markers that glow in the dark in a hopscotch house! You can also use it to design bedroom walls.
Glow in the dark for home safety markers - The dark tape can also be used as emergency markers and floor tape in writers, so children and the elderly can use it as a guide in case of electrical failures and power outages.

Luminous Tape is important

The International Building Code (IBC) and the International Fire Code (IFC) have also developed standards for luminous markings for all exit routes to improve emergency situations in the event of an emergency.

Since photoluminescent materials absorb light, the energy is stored. When the light source is removed, the stored light is gradually released to produce highly visible surface illumination. Therefore it is widely used for security labels.

Advantages of Luminous Tape

no electricity or batteries required, low installation costs, virtually maintenance-free, environmentally friendly.

Glow-in-the-dark tape applications: (can be customized according to your requirements)

This luminous tape is perfect for Halloween. After exposure to natural or artificial light, it will glow in the dark for up to 2-8 hours and will fade over time until the next charge. This neon green glow-in-the-dark strip is perfect for glow-in-the-dark security lighting at home or on stage. It is photoluminescent, which means it appears fluorescent green and emits Glo-like photons into the adjacent surrounding area. The luminescent quality can be used to mark indoor exit signs or other landmarks, or to light up games for a fun outdoor evening.

1. Post on a variety of devices and items.
2. Can print any image you want very well; can be cut into various shapes.
3. Widely used in hotels, hallways, office buildings, theaters, warehouses, cabins, underground passages and other public security areas.
4. Widely used in home decoration and security, such as pasting on switches, telephones, handles, electrical appliances, as well as stationery, toys, sports and entertainment places, etc.

Luminous Tape applications

Luminous Tape Manufacturer - Terffy

Terffy is a Luminous tape factory that produces a wide variety of tape materials including Luminous tape stickers, luminous tape, glow in the dark sheets, dark red glow in the dark tape, glow in the dark blue glow in the dark tape, best glow in the dark tape, fluorescent yellow green reflective tape, custom glow in the dark signs, reflective tape, glow in the dark tape military, photoluminescent export tape, glow in the dark tape, and more.
We accept OEM orders, products can be printed with your brand logo and customized packaging according to your requirements.

Contact us now for custom glow in the dark tapes with DIY graphics.


1. May I know the lead time of flagging tape?
 Our products will be ready within a month.

2.What is the quality standard ?
Our products have passed the certification of SGS.

3. What are the packing details?
We adopt carton packing and packaging can be customized.

4.What is the minimum order quantity required by you ?
 It depends, the MOQ of flagging tape is 1000 rolls.

5.May I get sample for free?        
Yes, we can provide sample for free.

6.Can the flagging tape be used at a temperature of -30-40 degrees? 
Yes, It can be used at a temperature of -30 to 40 degrees.

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