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Floor Marking Tape

Colored safety floor marking tapes are made from a durable vinyl film with a rubber adhesive system that will adhere to almost any clean,dry surface.

Product Description

Flooring and Safety Marking Tapes

Clearly delineate everything from aisles, sidewalks and traffic flow to work cells, interim storage, product inspection locations and guard zones

Employee safety is paramount, and your floor marking needs can change rapidly, but you also don't want to stop production. Floor and safety marking tape provides flexibility to make changes quickly and efficiently without masking or waiting for paint to dry. In addition to being easy to apply, we also offer strong, durable tape that can withstand heavy forklift traffic without lifting or crimping, and then removes cleanly when replacement is needed. Our portfolio also includes tapes for lower traffic levels, wall and handrail markings, and more. Flexibility for floor and safety marking without compromising performance.


Apply to Patterns or Curves
Multiple colors, patterns and widths
Simplified facility maintenance
Implement 5S visual management
Clean removal without scratches or residue
Instant bonding without downtime
Quick install with M1 applicator
Reduced application man-hours - and no downtime
Withstand heavy forklift traffic
long lasting adhesion
No lifting or curling required
Resists fading and abrasion

Application of Floor Marking Tape

Aisles and traffic lanes
Work Units and Device Boundaries
material storage area
quality inspection area
Keep It Clear - Safety and Compliance Marking
Dangerous zone
Defect/Scrap Rework Area
Keep it clear - the operating area
Staircase and Exit Markers
high-traffic areas

Floor Marking Tape


Product Type:

Adhesive PVC Floor Marking Tape


Soft PVC film



Single Color:

Red / Blue / Yellow / White / Green / Black



 Double Color:


Yellow / Black

White / Black

White / Green

White / Red

Why use Terffy Series Floor Tape?

Make your facility cleaner, more efficient, more intuitive and safer with Terffy floor marking tapes. This tape will help you identify aisles, work cell boundaries, hazardous areas, forklift traffic, storage areas and more!

Terffy floor tape is easy to apply and remove, yet it is durable in places where other factory and warehouse floor marking tapes simply cannot. High-traffic areas cannot match the industrial prowess of Terffy floor tape.

Economical tape
This economical tape has low adhesion and durability, is recommended for short-term applications, and is available in a variety of colors.
Good tape
This durable, flexible floor tape is designed for semi-temporary indoor applications where you'll be walking a lot, so you won't need to reapply as often.
Better tape
This highly customizable tape is designed for longer application times and is ideal for areas with high traffic and a variety of surface types.
Best tape
With excellent adhesion and durability, this floor tape is designed for the most difficult applications of heavy-duty and light-duty industrial vehicle traffic.

How to Prepare, Apply and Remove Floor Marking Products

Sweep any loose debris from the application surface area
Clean and wash floors to remove all dust and debris from surfaces
Allow floors to dry completely before application to ensure maximum adhesion
Floor Tape Application
Remove the label holding the tape to the side of the app box
Fold back about 2 inches of pad from tape
Stick the tape at the starting point (be careful to align it in the desired direction)
Pull the box apart until the tape stretches along the desired path (keeping the liner in place)
At the end point, turn the box down with the slot side down
Pull the liner back into the box and use a spatula to press the tape down to seal to the surface
Floor Tape Removal
Using a hand-held spatula, lift the end of the tape
Slowly peel off the tape with a small amount of force
Peel toward the other end at a nearly 90-degree angle

Floor Marking Tape

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