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Double Sided PET Tape with Wire Trim

Anti-Corrosion. Water resistant material prevents the surface to corrode from moisture and steam.

Product Description


Wire trim tape is an invention that propelled the painted truck lining industry from relative obscurity to today's prominence in the automotive aftermarket. The main function of the WireTrim Trimming Tape, patented worldwide, is the trimming from the bottom up with a strong coating. The method involves the use of small, high-strength cutting filaments that are adhered to the edge of the tape and positioned on the surface along the desired trim line where the coating is to be applied.

Wiretrim, commonly known as wire trim or wire ribbon, makes the process of installing spray on bedding faster and easier. It also greatly reduces the chance of damaging the truck bed or body because the product is cut from the bottom up. There is no chance of scratching the paint when trying to create a clean edge. Check out the information below to see why wire trim tape is the best choice for your installation.

Coatings for thicker, harder and filled aggregates

Terffy is an original double sided trimmed tape known for its unique high tack copolymer adhesive that bonds instantly while allowing unlimited repositioning. This is our most popular trimming tape and has become the industry standard for trimming almost all types of painted truck liners. Terffy can be used to finish all materials, from medium durometer polyurethanes applied using low pressure spray systems at room temperature to high durometer polyureas applied at high temperatures and high pressures. The fine crepe paper body of the Terffy tape allows the applicator to manually tear the tape and position it easily around curves and irregular surfaces. Terffy's unique thickness and body allow for precise placement and conformance to almost any shape or surface.

More than 50% higher cutting strength than our standard strength products

This method produces perfect edges without leaving marks or damaging exposed surfaces in any way or interfering with the adhesion of new coatings.

Contains 0.010" diameter high-strength wire

After applying the coating, pull the filament up from under the new coating to achieve a clean cut from the bottom up, separating the masking material and tape for easy removal from the boundaries of the new coating.


Enables sharp, precise cuts in tough polyurethane and polyurea coatings

Cut from bottom to top to protect the surface

Corrosion resistant. Waterproof material prevents surface corrosion due to moisture and steam.

Excellent durability. Lasts up to 20 years.

Moisture, oil, ozone and UV radiation protection.

Easy to apply, no special tools required for application.

Double Sided PET Tape with Wire Trim

How To Use Wire Trim Tape

Place tape with filament bearing edges along desired trim lines

Spray polyurethane/polyurea coating

Pull the wire out and through the coating

Steps to install the wire belt:

Make sure to remove any dust and debris from the area where the wire trim tape will be applied. Use a T-shirt cloth rag for best results.

Attach the metal ribbon to the sides of the truck bed. Keep the tape as straight as possible while following any joints in the bed. Standard distances are maintained to ensure tolerances after spraying. Remember that the wire itself is on one edge of the tape, which should always be considered the inside you are trimming.

Leave a little room at the bottom and apply from the bottom to the top of the sidewall of the truck bed. Once you get to the top, slide the tape under the side bed rails (if applicable) and leave a tail long enough to grab easily when you're done spraying.

Apply wire trim tape to the edge of the tailgate, starting at the top of one side and wrapping around to the other side. Maintain a constant distance from the tailgate surface.

When rounding corners, you can line the wire trim tape for a tight radius. This is recommended by the manufacturer. However, you can also apply pressure at the points you want near the scoreline and pull hard with your front hand to produce the same effect. This does take some practice, so be prepared to delete and try again until you get good at it.

Again, leave long tails at the ends of the wire ribbon, which you can easily find once you're ready to trim.

Peel off the backing of the tape, leaving only the thin lines and the tape itself. Don't remove any backing on the tail, as it's easier to see (and therefore grab) once you're done spraying.



Solvent acrylic adhesive


PET film + stainless steel

Adhesive Side

Double Sided




6mm/8mm/10mm×30m or customized




Each roll with a blister


Used for coating liners edge cutting


Double Sided PET Tape with Wire Trim

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